Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

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Department Medical
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced
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General Description

The Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) is a multi-skilled health professional who will work interdependently with other health care professionals to provide quality health care to the patients of FHC. The CMA is educated and trained to perform both administrative and clinical skills in the medical care environment.  Must have good communication and customer service skills, knowledge of medical terminology, possess the ability to use business office equipment, and remain calm during an emergency.

CMAs are unlicensed personnel and may only perform basic administrative, clerical, and technical/clinical support services.  As an unlicensed person, the CMA cannot assess, diagnose, prescribe treatment or perform any task that is invasive in nature. The CMA will practice under the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMOS) license and will operate as a part of the clinical nursing staff.

Patients and Staff shall refrain from referring to the CMA with the title of ‘Nurse’; it is illegal to refer to the CMA as a ‘Nurse’ or any other generic term that implies or leads an individual to believe that they are nurses. Inappropriate use of the title is a Class B misdemeanor under law. The CMA will, however, operate as a member of the nursing staff. Direct task supervision of the CMA falls under the senior licensed staff nurse who in turn reports to the Director of Nursing (DON).

Not a Supervisory role.

Job Duties

Administrative:   Operates computer systems to accomplish assigned database entries and other office tasks; answer calls, greet patients. Updates and maintains patients and other practice-specific information. May also be responsible for updating patient medical records, and adding written accounts from physicians or nurses based on exams and any lab tests in the EHR system. Works with tracking referrals and arranges hospital admissions and outside referrals for the physician.

Clinical: Once competency has been verified, the CMA is authorized to perform supportive clinical services deemed, ‘routine’ to include:

● Perform BLS when indicated: Operate the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) with regard to BLS/CPR administration

● Vital signs to include:

height and weight measurement

o visual acuity screening (Snellen Eye Chart)

● Administration of medication via the following routes with a verified written order: oral, intradermal

*Excluding Controlled Substances*

Subcutaneous vaccines: intramuscular vaccines, vitamin B12 and Depo-Provera® (medroxyprogesterone), inhalation – Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) and nebulizer

● Application and removal of bandages/dressings

● Removal of sutures (if demonstrated competence)

● Perform ear lavage

● Prepare patients for examination

● Shave and disinfect treatment sites

● Perform electrocardiogram (ECG) test - (CMA will not interpret results)

● Data entry in Electronic Health Record (EHR)

● Phlebotomy/lab draw (if covered in training, certified and demonstrated competence)

● Bedside/fasting glucose monitoring

● Urinalysis

● Pregnancy testing

● Hemoglobin A1C testing

● Perform other basic office services covered by standing orders authorized by the CMO

● Inventory: Maintain supply and medication inventory log, Crash cart inventory, Stock exam rooms as needed

● Fulfill clerical responsibilities as assigned: Tracking referrals, Hospital follow-up calls, Ob/Gyn administrative tracking

● Provide wound care (once instructed and demonstrated competence)

● Sterilize instruments

● Provide patient education (content must be pre-approved/scripted by the physician)

Administration of medications in pre-packaged and pre-filled unit-dose syringes is authorized with a verified written order (in the EHR) from the Provider (MD/DO/NP/PA/CNM).  In addition, medication will be double-checked with licensed personnel prior to administration using the five rights of medication of administration. Exception: The Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) skin test, which must be drawn from a multi-dose vial into a tuberculin syringe for intradermal administration; the dose will be double-checked with licensed personnel prior to administration using the five rights of medication of administration.

Five Rights of Medication Administration:

1. The right PATIENT

2. The right DRUG

3. The right DOSE

4. The right ROUTE

5. The right TIME

 After medication administration, CMA will document the following statement in the EHR “medication verified with the charge nurse and/or physician,   and administered using the five rights of medication administration.”

Safeguards patient privacy and confidentiality.  Performs other duties as assigned.

CMAs will NOT perform the following invasive procedures and services:

● Provide ACLS – including rhythm recognition and manual defibrillator operation

● Initiate or discontinue intravenous therapy (IV) – start or disconnect IV infusion

● Manage / monitor IV infusion

● Administer IV medication – into a line, directly into a vein or saline lock

● Triage patients

● Assess patients - including pupillary responses

● Diagnose patients

● Insert urinary catheters

● Independently perform telephone triage

● Independently provide medical advice

Qualification for Appointment

Key competencies: phlebotomy, CPR skills, OSHA standards, communication skills using appropriate medical terminology, information collection, and management, planning and organizing, accuracy, customer service skills, teamwork, initiative, adaptability, confidentiality.


Graduation from high school or GED certificate; some college preferred.  Medical Assistant Certification from an accredited institution, is a must.  FHC will only hire CMAs designated as CERTIFIED and will recognize certification from the  National Healthcareer Association (NHA).


Two years of experience preferred.

Special Skills

Fast-learner who must be computer literate and be capable of learning software used to manage electronic health records. Must have strong multi-tasking skills, conflict resolution experience, customer service or patient relations experience, quick response/accurate data entry to present treatment plans to patients in a short time frame. Bilingual E/S desirable.

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